What to Do If You Find a Cat?

Have you seen the posters on social media spreading the word about a lost cat? Do you know what to do if you come across a cat that may be lost? First, check to see if it is wearing a color with ID information. If he is, call the number on the tag. If the cat isn’t wearing an ID tag, do a quick walk around to make sure the cat doesn’t belong to a house nearby. If you’re not able to check area houses, take the cat to a local vet or animal shelter and ask them to scan the cat for an ID microchip. If the cat doesn’t have a microchip then you may ask the vet if you can leave the cat with them or volunteer to care for the cat yourself until the owner is found. Another way to find the owner is to post a picture of the cat on local social media and hang flyers. Learn more tips from your veterinarians Webster, NY. 


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