Does Your Pet's Size Determine How Much Food They Should Be Given?

A dog goes through different life stages, however, it is only during their puppy stage that the size is a factor for their feeding regimen. Puppies have a fast metabolism and they should be fed at least 4 times a day to keep up with this metabolism. As for the adult dogs, their daily ration can be broken down into two to three meals in a day and must be given at regular intervals. 

Because of puppies’ faster and more efficient metabolism, they would need to go to the potty area more often and in addition to this faster metabolism, they also have shorter digestive tracts and smaller urinary bladders. During housetraining, make sure that potty trips are frequent and on a regular schedule each day. This is also important if you place them in a crate before you take them to the potty area. Consistency is key to ensure successful housetraining.

Your animal hospital Lakewood Ranch, FL is a valuable resource about your pet’s health and nutrition. 


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