Treating Stings and Bites in Chickens

Whenever you see that your chicken has a swollen eye or a swollen leg be sure to call your vet immediately. Your chicken could have injured herself or she may have been stung by a bee. Your vet may want to examine your chicken to determine if it’s an injury, bee sting or insect bite. Always follow your vet’s instructions. Generally, if it’s a bee sting, you will need to make sure the stinger is out. If you can see it then you can try and remove it with tweezers. However, if you’re not sure you see it or you’re unable to remove it, simply wait for your vet to remove it. It is sometimes recommended that a baking soda paste be applied to the sting or bite in order to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Check with your veterinary clinic Derby before applying any of these steps.


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