Tips on What to do if Your Dog has a Seizure

If you own a canine that has experienced a seizure make sure you talk to your vet right away. Whether you are experienced with canine seizures or not, your vet can give you tips and instructions for ways to assist your dog during a seizure. First, call your vet. Second, stand clear of your dog so you don’t get hurt. If possible, move your dog away from any stairs or sharp objects such as furniture. Your dog is not in danger of swallowing her tongue as this is not a typical reaction for dogs. After the seizure, watch your dog make sure she recovers. This may take a long time so don’t panic. Allow your dog to hear your voice and feel your touch so that she can be reassured and calmed down. Be sure to record when the seizure occurred and how long it lasted so you can give an accurate account to your vet clinic Shreveport, LA.


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