Cats And Their Built-In GPS

You read that right, cats have a built-in GPS: their whiskers. These are not just hair accessories on your pet’s face. Whiskers serve a special sensory function. Each whisker has many nerves in its follicles which makes them extremely sensitive to stimuli. The nerve endings transmit impulses to the brain. 

A cat also uses his whiskers to assess his surroundings and judge space and distance. Cats that are blind also depend on their whiskers to navigate around. Environmental vibrations in the immediate environment can also be detected by the tips of the whiskers. This means that even if a cat can’t see, he can detect the presence of people, animals, or objects nearby with the help of his whiskers. 

Have you noticed whiskers growing on the side of your cat’s nose? These whiskers can help a cat assess space, such as when determining if there is enough space for him to pass through.

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