Obese Cats Need To Lose Weight To Prevent Health Issues

Obesity is one of the growing problems affecting the cat population these days. Being overweight or obese is due to several factors and can affect a cat of any age. Cats who suffer from obesity may experience negative effects on their health and lifestyle. These cats are susceptible to serious medical conditions that can affect their quality of life and even their longevity. However, at an early age and with proper training and exercise, you can prevent your cat from piling on unwanted pounds. If your cat needs to lose weight, the process must be done at a slow and steady pace, as rapid weight loss can have serious consequences. Aside from keeping a close eye on your pet’s food intake, you should create lots of opportunities for play and exercise so your pet can burn off the extra pounds and calories. If you’re not sure about how much food is adequate for your pet, don’t hesitate to call your animal hospital Washington DC or

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