Gerbils Can Bite When Handled Roughly

Gerbils can get frightened easily. When you are approaching your pet’s enclosure, make sure that you will make some noise to indicate your presence and avoid taking them by surprise. A nervous gerbil could bite or nip when he is frightened. 

They also do not like when they are handled roughly or be held too tight. Remember that a gerbil’s tail can be easily broken off. It also for this reason that you should not hold them using their tails, and kids should be taught how to handle gerbils properly to avoid agitating them. 

Pet gerbils should be taught how to tolerate being handled by humans at a young age. You should hold them in the palm of your cupped hand. Be careful during this training stage as they might associate the handling experience with a negative one and could lead to wariness about it later on in their lives. 

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